Hair Weaves

Hair weaving is an advancing fashion trend among ladies of all ages in Kenya. Hair weaves offer a neat look and also enhances the natural beauty of a Kenyan woman. Years are gone when ladies wore easy-to-maintain hairstyles like the age-old haircut; the latest weaves have gained much popularity, and everything has changed drastically. The new weave hairstyles have largely been accepted by different celebrities and stars, thus making it more rejuvenated. It is because of this acceptance that has given this form of a trend to the weaving industry in Kenya.

There are different hair weaving forms that one can apply. Each form has its taste and unique appeal that changes the look and personality of an individual instantly. Below, I will explore various types of hair weaves trending in the hair industry today:

Human hair weave


This is a form of weaving emanating from someone who has donated their real tresses. The human hair can then be processed and weaved in different hairstyles. It is a weave that gives a natural look to the wearer although at times it may be hard for one to match the right weave in terms of color and texture.

Synthetic hair weave

Synthetic hair weave is another popular weave trending in the market. It is artificial braided into micro-braids and later twisted to form a unique pattern. In a nutshell, they are worn for temporal reasons to offer a different look.

Cury weaves

Cury extensions are braided to the hair strands to achieve the curly weave. However, this can only be done by a professional hair stylist. The bad part of it is that it requires a lot of care and maintenance more when washing and drying it.

Bonded weaves

These are types of weaves that can be made using adhesive glue after attaching both the extensions and natural hair. They are achieved through small sections bit by bit. Putting up this weave is a bit expensive and also removing it will cost you a lot of time. You have to be careful when applying it and also when removing it to avoid permanent damage. It takes about one to two months for the bonded weaves to expire. However, they should be removed prior before they get loose.

Fusion weave

If you want a fuller and a striking look, consider going for fusion weave. It’s a tricky method but worth the hustle. You can use hot wax to attach the extensions after a sub-division of hair into small sections. They can last for about two to three months although they are a little bit expensive.

What You Need To Know About Hair Weaves


Whether it’s original or fake, women look fabulous in weaves. In fact, hair weaves date back to Moi times. You can ask your mother or grandmother; they will confirm to you that hair weaves were a hotcake way before makeup came in. The tendency of wishing the hair could grow long or shot and back to original is not there no more. Nowadays you can have a long hair today and tomorrow go back to short hair! The best part of it is that it’s not permanent, it’s temporal. On that note, therefore, get to know more about hair weaves below:

  1. You are not the only one with a weave; all ladies wear weaves either white, black, Asian, Hispanic and any other race you can think of.
  2. The weave is more of an accessory than a necessity. You get even those with ample hair also love putting up the weave.
  3. Any color is available. We have different types of assortments of color.
  4. There are many types of weave hair: Yaki Hair, Human Hair, Synthetic Blend, Virgin Hair, Synthetic Hair, and Virgin Remy Hair.
  5. Weaves are not only popular in Asia, but it is also everywhere and available for everyone out there.
  6. There are many options to follow when putting up weaves. You don’t have to get scalp breakouts and shedding.
  7. For you to sew-in weave, you have to make sure that your hair is 3 inches long. However, if you are getting a bonded weave, the length of your hair does not matter.
  8. It’s advisable you shampoo your sew-in weave at least after every two weeks. If it’s a bonded weave, you don’t need to shampoo it at all.
  9. Weaves have the best styles to consider, either long or short styles; everything is available for everyone. The good thing about hair weaves is that they give your hair enough time or a break to grow.
  10. If you are on a mission to grow your natural hair, you can leave your weave for 6-7 weeks as recommended. Nevertheless, weaves can go up to 4 months maximum; they will still look awesome.

Are you considering a new look, either natural or simply put up a weave, the above points will help you understand what your head will look like after your choice. Do not spend big without researching widely.

Hair Weave VS Natural Hair

There are plenty of hair weaves styles to pimp your look on different occasions. It’s then wise to be aware of the process involved when maintaining your natural hair. You need effective planning before applying effective hair care. Here are a few things to consider:

The kind of hair you want


There are both synthetic, and human hair weaves styles available. If you want a style that will cause your hair to swing, the human hair is the best option. Remember that some synthetic hair can irritate your skin and cause some discomforts. The best thing to note is that any material that reacts with your hair cuticles can be in the long run cause permanent harm to your head. It’s always good to take caution.

In addition to that, also take good care of the weight of the weave you are going to put up in your head. You don’t want to have a lot of pressure in your head because of the size of the weave. It may cause traction alopecia.

Appling the extensions

Well, which method are going to use to apply your weave? Is it by single strand or in tracks?

Single strand method demands that you take a small portion of hair strands and apply it to the natural hair. You can use the waxes, clamping, adhesives or heat fusion for you to achieve the best look. The tracks look like a curtain flowing on the bottom. There is two, handmade and machine made. You use either heat fusion, sewing or glues.

Braided, fused or bonded


On your scalp, you can have the braided weave turned to tiny cornrows in horizontal rows. Using a heavy weaving thread, the hair is weaved into braids and mixed with your natural hair to create a natural blending. Your hair should not be that tight or too heavy; you can get traction alopecia and damage your natural hair.

You can achieve bonded weaves by sectioning some part of the hair and attaching it with bonding glue close to the scalp. Such weaves need to be removed with a lot of care to avoid damages to your natural hair. Additionally, your skin can react due to the dangers posed by the glues and adhesives. It is advised that you test your skin on these products before styling your hair in any way.

For fused weaves, the hair can be sectioned and the extensions attached using wax.

The best thing to do is to meet your professional before anything is done to your hair. I have witnessed a lot of cases between the client and the hairdresser arguing for compensation after the customer getting a botched service to her hair. Always take caution before investing on this weave.

Maintaining the style

One thing I always advise clients is that, when you put up a hair weave, treat it like your original natural hair. Always wash your hair and scalp often to avoid dryness on your scalp hence creating more harm than good to your head. Note that bacteria can form on your head if you fail to maintain your hair well. Also remember that hair weaves have a set deadline, you don’t have to keep your weave on for nine months like a pregnancy. Do not forget to change and to wash with shampoo regularly. Hygiene of the head is paramount at all times, and so deadlines have to be met.


Hair weaves are important to ladies more so when one is aiming for a different look. We must strive to remain beautiful and at the same time natural. In Kenya, hair weaves are not that costly to acquire although the stylish may get the larger pie. Before you may think of putting up a hair weave, make sure you take note of the above information such that you don’t meet problems with your natural hair on the long run. Remain natural and beautiful at the same time with high-quality hair weaves.