Down The Rabbit Hole top picks


Well well, it looks like I’m really gonna have to do some vein popping psychic work to find out who the winner of the Down The Rabbit Hole theme competition will be.

Seriously there are soooo many designs that have come through for this brilliant theme competition…obviously it struck a chord with the design community, because they jumped all over this one in a big way.
So, as usual, here are my predictions, or shall I say Down The Rabbit Hole top picks!

My first Down The Rabbit Hole top pick comes from Qimstudio who hails all the way from Malaysia.

Two of my chosen designs have a slightly macabre tinge to their design elements, Lonely Bird being the first.
This design just spoke to me straight away, you know when you just simply have to have something. I remember when I wrote my comment on the page, I said, “Now this, is something special. I can’t actually even comment, it’s perfect!”

I stand fast on my comment. Truly there is nothing I’d like to see changed in the Lonely Bird design. Some people have commented that they feel the bird should have been made completely into a little skeleton bird. However, I feel as if the slight cloaked nature of the bird, makes him seem even more ominous….just the head perturbs me!
I can just picture this little Lonely Bird sitting high in a tree, watching Alice as she stumbles around in the dark….waiting for her to go to sleep.

I love this and would love to see it make it to print!

Next up is the second of my darker choices and perhaps my favourite design of the competition.

Nicetomeetyou brings us a wonderfully designer representation of the infamous rabbit that Alice chases after. This design is called A Very Important Date. When I say this design has WOW factor, I truly mean it. Just look at the intricate line work and intense attention to detail. This design speaks to me in a way that none of the other submissions do. While Lonely Bird captures me with its deceptive darkness, A Very Important Date has a darkness that almost transcends the boundary of only being able to be worn by a select few. What I mean is that usually the darker more scary design don’t usually sell well across the board. But, I think that this t-shirt will sell well in all demographic groups, male or female.

I frigging want this t-shirt now…NOW DAMMIT!!!!

My final choice is perhaps a breath of fresh air, compared to my last two dark choices. Fantome’s stunning design Oh Alice, is bursting with unique character power.

It is perhaps a dark horse of my pics because of the overall effectiveness of the design. While the Alice, Rabbit and Cheshire Cat in the design are all super different and SCREAM personality, I feel that the design is slightly let down by the dark checked and swishing pattern behind the characters. It’s almost as if the designer drew the original characters of Oh Alice and then somebody else came along and scribbled in pen behind it. At first I was even worried that this was a stolen image that had been tweaked by Fantome. I’m hoping this is not the case!

The design might of Oh Alice can’t be ignored though. It has a magic to it that 90% of the other submissions failed to achieve. It deserves to be one of my Down The Rabbit Hole top picks.

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best…please oh please let my Down The Rabbit Hole top picks make the cut.