3918678803_38d7ed2bcc_mFor most of us comics are limited to what is available at our local comic stores and newsagents.

There is the new movement of comics that is based entirely online.

The internet is vast and becoming more and more accessible to the average Joe who wants to exhibit their creativity to a large audience.

There is the good the bad….and the downright ugly, when it comes to webcomics.

Let me give you a few examples of webcomics that rock…and of course a webcomic that should be outright removed for its pointless ugliness and pointless pointlessness.

First up I will give you an example of a webcomic that rocks. This one I started reading way back when I was living in London (2004). I instantly fell in love with the awesome insane characters and the sketchy black and white design style of MegaTokyo. Perhaps the reason why I enjoy MegaTokyo so much is because it has a strong manga influence, which was a driving force in my life at that time.

Basically the story centres around 2 friends who end up in Japan trying to make some money to get home. The first character is called Piro. He is level headed, a complete otaku geek, loves computers and is totally clueless when it comes to girls. Largo on the other hand is completely insane…actually thats all I’m going to say about largo. He is easily one of my best cartoon characters ever, which is saying something.

This story is downright mad, but also has a great balance of themes and rationality (I never thought I’d call MegaTokyo rational lol) behind the story.

This webcomic is top class and worthy of a lookie, here is the link to the first ever episode.

My next webcomic comes from the video game “photobook” stable. Remember when you were a kid they had those comic strips made from real life people posing and then a speech bubble was thrown in??

Well these webcomics are exactly like that…except instead of photos they use screen shots from video games.
In recent years perhaps the 2 most used video games for webcomics have been Halo and World of Warcraft.

Perhaps my favourite WoW webcomic ever was called Flintlocke. Unfortunately as far as I know the storyline ended and the webcomic is no more, but if you get a chance do yourself a favour and check it out. If you play World of Warcraft, or even enjoy fantasy style content, this webcomic has the potential to possibly kill you from laughter induced spasms.

Basic story line: A group of Alliance characters head out in search of loot, loot…oh and more loot. Along the way they come near death extremely often, usually through their own stupidity.

The last type of webcomic I would like to mention is what I call “shock factor” webcomics.

These webcomics are usually very crudely drawn with stick figures and simply try their best to be disgusting.
Honestly don’t waste your time with this trash, it’s usually drawn by teenagers who want nothing more than to cause alarm. Honestly it works because this is our generation next when it comes to the evolution of imagination. Heres an example if you must see:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative because their drawing are comprised of stick figures, not at all. There are plenty of stick figure simple style webcomics that are amazing. Take for instance Order of the Stick, which has been around for quite some time now. It’s funny, has memorable characters and well thought out story progression. However I would not consider Order of the Stick a shock factor webcomic, merely a good webcomic.

It would be awesome if you could cruise across to some of these kickbum webcomics and take a look for yourself. I think you will be presently surprised and hopefully be compelled to hunt down even more web based comics.