African designs

4457031542_131b7ed68bWell the Soccer World Cup 2010 is impending and everyone is in panic stations to get their ducks in a row before we are swamped with all the foreign tourists. The same goes for us here at as we prepare to get a few truly “African designs” under our belt before the invasion. Obviously when the foreigners come down to this neck of the woods they want African designs with a difference.

In the case of wanting something African and unique there is no better place to check out than
While I’m sure many foreigners will be grabbing piles of African curio t-shirts with the big five, we want to provide African designs that have a much more funkier vibe and are super unique.
Many of you will be familiar with our African designs already, but here are three designs that really symbolize our mission of providing African shirts that are a cut above the rest.

DaRKo’s Vuvuzero design is one of those t-shirts that the foreigners will probably not understand at first, but by the end of the tournament will be scrambling for them. Only a South African truly knows the headache a vuvuzela can cause on your poor ears. DaRKo has really done a brilliant job of the design. There are only a few South African designs that truly capture the essence of our culture and society. However DaRKo is definitely one of those designers that were able to achieve this feat. Just look at this wicked winner…AWESOME!

Taxi Wars by CHUCKY is a design that kinda transcends your normal South African design by not only capturing local South African themes, but also integrates a very well known sci-fi movie theme from the States.
Star Wars is one of those movie franchises which are super popular no matter wherever you go. By using the famous Star Wars type font and integrating it into a funky African sub-culture, CHUCKY has created something a design that really opens SA to the rest of the world. If the rest of the world doesn’t know about our taxis by now, they will have a serious “crash course” by the time they leave our shores…let’s hope less crashing and more polite drivers throwing daisies **fingers crossed**.

My final choice is Colour Culture which has a full on soccer theme. ShampooWarrior did a fine job indeed with this wonderful design. I suppose you couldn’t get a better mix of Soccer World Cup action and Africa influence even if you tried. This design covers all the bases in regards to foreign tourists…I really think these are gonna fly off the shelf when the action starts.

One design that I have not included, but should rightfully be included, is Tu’s new winning design from our Faces of Africa competition. I did a feature blog on Freedom Walker a little while back so thought I’d focus on some other designs. Freedom Walker is definitely up there with the best African designs available.