Advanced Photoshop top choices


Yes indeed we have another theme competition underway and lemme tell you this one is going to be a closely contested fight to the finish….ok, so maybe they usually all are, but this competition has more on the line than usual. It’s not just the usual money and pride, but also an opportunity for a spot in the Advanced Photoshop Magazine, which will give an exposure boost like you have never seen before. I have scoured through the submissions and have chosen my Advanced Photoshop top choices. BEHOLD!!!!!

First off before I give my Advanced Photoshop top choices, I want to just send out a big thank you to the community who really dived into this competition guns blazing. Most of the designs are really cool and deserve to be in the competition. Some artists really went all out, for instance Qimstudio in particular who I’d like to thank because he submitted loads of his highly talented work.

Yes indeed it was a great “turn-out” so to speak. After the rather small amount of designs that made it for the Justice League theme competition it is really positive to see so many designers take part.

Ok so let’s get this party started with the post apocalyptic design Quarantine from the very well known designer CHUCKY. There is something about this design that just makes me stop stare and take notice. The super cool gas mask has a science fiction tinge to its design and elements that truly make it stand out, for instance the dripping on the goggles lenses….wowzers, it just gives it that much more depth. This is probably one of my top 2 designs atm!

Next up we have the ever impressive Qimstudio, who I just mentioned above, with his stunning The Cloudmaker design. Among his many submissions this design is the one that makes me go “ooooh aaaaah”. It may not be as detailed as his other submissions, it may not have as much colour….but what it lacks in these departments it more than makes up for is character power. Just look at how cool this Cloudmaker dude is. I say that he’s not as intricate as some of his other designs…but seriously it’s still a really highly detailed submission. I’m never surprised to see high level design coming from this man….great work mate!

Choice number 3 has to be Sebasebi’s The Crows Maker. Sebasebi is a really well known designer around these parts too…who can forget his awe inspiring Mr. Cosmos design from Battle of the Best…you simply cannot deny this designers stunning work. The Crows maker likewise stands out and really captures your imagination. We have a great mix of styles at work in this design, which play off each other nicely. The character has a groovy cartoon style, while the crow puppets have a more realistic edge. I’m not sure if Sebasebi meant to do this, but the fact that the shadows have more realism than the shadow maker really speaks to me….its soaking in magical subterfuge. Love it!

These are undoubtedly my Advanced Photoshop top choices. While there are multitudes of other powerful design entries these are the 3 that make me want to promote them.
I wish these 3 and of course the rest of the designers much luck in the competition and I hope that the winner/s really appreciates the amazing opportunity that and Advanced Photoshop have presented them with.
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Whose been watching Idols 4 in South Africa? Can’t believe we’re now having the FOURTH season of South African idols!

I have to admit that there are now getting too many Idols series for me to remember the top 10 idols contestants and the overall idols winners and other important information.

I remember Heinz Winkler winning Idols 2 seasons back, and remember the face of the girl that won Idols 3, although I can’t remember her name.

But I can’t remember anything about the first South African Idols which must have been nearly 5 years ago.

And in the US they have now had about 7 seasons of Idols and the only things I remember there are Kelly Clarkson winning one of the American Idols seasons, and some guy winning the last season.

Can’t believe I missed the first episode of the new South African Idols series – i’ve been hearing repeatedly on the radio and tv for the last few days about the South African Idols versus Survivor advert! Interesting way of advertising 2 new programs in South Africa!

Promote both by having an advert arguing which is the better, tougher, rougher, trendier, more fashionable, hardcore, extroverted show! Well, not exactly, but the advert does make them sound like they’re both 10 year olds arguing to see which is the better show.

But it’s good that South African’s have another item to add to the crime / property & stock market / weather dinner topic discussions…(that’s the average South African dinner topic – not eSquarians of course!)